Ten Weeks to a Capstone

There are many ways to organize the process of developing your capstone. The key is to make steady progress and to avoid making early mistakes that complicate tasks in later weeks. The following is an example of a ten-step plan to completing your capstone.

Note that in this plan you often submit parts of your capstone project memorandum to your instructor, and your instructor will provide brief and focused assessments. The submission of a complete draft during the 7th week will receive a more complete set of comments. The earlier reviews briefly assess the assignment content for the week, and assist with problems experienced in making revisions to respond to advice about earlier assignment submissions.

Coronavirus Capstones

Are you considering giving your capstone project a case of COVID-19? Yikes!

It might not be a bad idea, however, because formulating and implementing strategies to respond to the pandemic involves public policy and administration. The following are some ideas and resources to consider.

Practically every public agency in New York is required to complete plans and policies to respond to the pandemic. There are state policies and standards such as

In response to these requirements, in order to resume operations for the Fall 2020 semester, John Jay College completed a Staged Reopening Plan and this plan will have to be revised and updated for future semesters. Other colleges, schools and public agencies were required to complete similar plans. In the process of updating, policy choices must be reviewed, compared, and refined based on experience, standards of practice and evolving research findings. There are many opportunities for capstone projects.